WE HAVE commenced the Fall Recovery Session here at Christian Discipleship Center. Seven courageous men have come to this quiet, protected place, searching for deliverance from compulsive and harmful habits. They remind me of Terence Phineas Turtle.

     It was indeed fortunate that Grover Groundhog found Terence Phineas Turtle that autumn day in Fudlum Forest. Terence Phineas had been flipped over onto his back by the mischievous Bear Cubs. He was quite helpless to turn himself over and get back onto his feet. Likewise, our new students have been turned upside down by the Evil One. They are obviously helpless in their own strength to turn over and get back onto their feet.
     Many men and women come to us with downcast eyes and permanent worry wrinkles on their foreheads. Usually it takes every day of their three month stay with us to unpack their bags of shame, guilt, and broken relationships brought on by substance abuse. We encourage them to refill their bags with hope, forgiving spirits, and the tools they need to fend off Satan's fiery darts.

     Being flat on your back gives you "a fine opportunity to look up for a change," according to Terence Phineas. "'The road of the godly leads upward,"' he quotes from Proverbs 15:.24. "Sometimes it takes trouble to turn our eyes in God's direction."

     Like Grover Groundhog, we wedge a rock under one side of the shell of hopelessness most students cary on their backs. That rock is Jesus. We staff members have the privilege of turning these precious brothers and sisters over; of walking beside them, and eventually and prayerfully of helping them to their feet to walk God's path again. It does not mean that they will leave here sinless, but with God's help, they will sin less and less.

Flat on your back? Keep looking up...
Fix your eyes on the Author and Finisher of our Faith...
(Hebrews 12:2)
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