Most Native men drank abusively and became dependent drinkers at an early age. This situation not only affected Native society as a whole, but the Christian churches on reservations too. Those who professed Jesus were falling back into heavy drinking instead of growing in the Lord, being discipled and becoming leaders in their homes and families. The only rehabilitation programs that were available relied upon psychological, medical, or even Native traditional methods to bring sobriety. But these fell far short of offering the spiritual answers that a believer needs from Godís Word to overcome sin and its consequences.
The property of United Indian Missions in Cortez, Colorado was available because the former Bible School had closed. A large group of missionaries and Native pastors came together for prayer to seek Godís direction. Various mission organizations were contacted, and they responded with a desire to become involved in this important ministry of reclaiming lives for Christ and His church! In the fall of 1991 CDC opened its doors to the first of many Native men from different tribes across the U.S. and Canada, seeking help and hope for their addiction. A board of directors was formed, composed of missionaries and Native leaders from 11 missions, and CDC obtained its incorporation and Federal tax-exempt status.

In April, 2000 the Christian Discipleship Center became a completely independent mission, when the Cortez property was transferred by UIM . Today it functions as a missionary outreach of the Native church, taking referrals from pastors and missionaries who know the men under their ministry who are in great need of restoration, spiritual healing and the rebuilding of their lives according to the principles in Godís Word for faithful discipleship. As CDC continues in its second decade of ministry, it depends upon the support and prayers of the Lordís people for its effectiveness and future progress.
Christian Discipleship Center
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The Next Session Will Begin On January 7, 2018