Cortez Staff
Restoring and rebuilding lives for our Lord Jesus Christ requires a dedicated staff and a multifaceted ministry. Here are some key elements essential to the effectiveness of our ministry.
Believers trapped in habitual sin patterns like addiction have experienced alienation from families and friends and have lost vital fellowship with God. They suffer a great loss of hope and are plagued with a burden of guilt few of us realize.

Men and women enrolling at CDC are shown Godís unconditional love, and His Holy Spirit then ministers healing in their souls, so they can respond to the Lord Jesus in repentance, joy in assured salvation, and commitment to discipleship.

CDC is a safe place away from temptation and sin. Here they relearn personal discipline through a structured program of devotions, classes, study, work, and managed free time. Furthermore, because addiction deprives the body and brain of important nutrients, a good nutrition program is essential.

The Word of God is the most important part of this Christian recovery program. It is truth that sets men free from Satanís snares. Life principles are taught for character rebuilding, and Bible doctrine gives them a correct view of God to love and trust.

Counseling helps them address the personal issues involved in their addiction. Addicts are ďstuffers,Ē and they need to face the experiences, actions and attitudes that have been factors in their lifeís downward slide. Relationship problems also must be addressed.

An evening support group helps our men to be accountable to one another for their spiritual progress and recovery. Honesty, openness, and free expression help them apply the truths of the dayís classes.

We welcome the participation of the church and family in each personís recovery. Their prayers, visits, financial help, and personal encouragement mean so much! And after graduation, each manís local church will be his greatest resource for continued growth, victory, and service in Godís path of discipleship!