Statement of Faith
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As a Bible-believing mission, The Christian Discipleship Center maintains an evangelical position with regards to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. It is non-denominational in its affiliation.
Believing God has raised up this ministry to be Christ-centered and Bible-based, the Christian Discipleship Center offers a compassionate view of personal responsibility to help people experience Godís victory over dependence upon alcohol or drugs. CDC does not hold to the disease model of addiction, but our program instructs and counsels struggling Christians to believe and apply the spiritual principles in the Scriptures so God can transform their lives with His sanctifying power!
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
Christian Addiction Rehabilitation Association
As a cross-cultural ministry, the Christian Discipleship Center also belongs to the Association of North American Missions. For many years ANAM has served as a voice for organizations such as ours, and it provides accountability to the Christian public that its members follow sound principles of ministry and financial ethics. Its regional meetings are especially helpful for fellowship and mutual encouragement.
Because of our location near the Four Corners and the Navajo Indian Reservation, the Christian Discipleship Center also belongs to the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship.  This is a group of Native leaders, churches and organizations with regular meetings.
Biblical Model of Alcoholism Treatment
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